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About Us

Accrington Lions is one of over 850 Lions Clubs in the United Kingdom, in Multiple District 105, District 105BN. Worldwide, there are 1.35 million Lions members in over 44,800 clubs in 202 different countries and geographical areas, making Lions International the largest service organisation in the world. Our Motto is "We Serve".

Accrington Lions Club was chartered in 1967 and serves the local community in various ways, including youth projects, diabetic screening and assisting families in distress. Some of what we raise goes towards sponsorship of MedicAlert, Project Sight First and other 'quality of life' enhancing projects. We hold many fund raising events, including the biennial Famous Accrington Community Carnival.

Presidents Message

"We are proud to serve the communies of Accrington and Great Harwood. Please get in touch if you think we can help you, or if you are interested in joining us and helping others! "

Lion Caz Moreton - Accrington Lions President

The Accrington Lions Team

Lion Caz Moreton
Lion Tracy Simmonds
Vice President
PDG Lion Tony Clarkson


Lion Wendy Alltree, Lion Barbara Banks, Lion Jim Bowker, Lion Gary Gaynor,

Lion Frank Crabtree, Lion Karen Duffy, Lion Jeni Edge, Lion Jane Flegg,

Lion Richard Gibson, Lion Philip Goodier, Lion Keith Hindle, Lion Peter Hopwood,

Lion Alicia Ramell, Lion Nicky Simmonds, Lion Dave Berry, Lion May Edmundson,

Lion Gerry Tippling, Lion Rachel White, Lion Romi Jane Young.



The Accrington Carnival

Internationally, the Lions get involved in arranging events for the local community, and we are certainly no exception here in Accrington.

The activites we organise look to involve all of the local communities and give residents something to look forwad to, not least of which is the Famous Accrington Lions Community Carnival.

While this is a huge undertaking in itself, our members are also responsible for organising and running many other events...

What we do

  • The Accrington Community Carnival
  • Carnival Queen & Carnival Princess
  • Peace Poster (international competition)
  • Annual Childrens Halloween Party (local)
  • Five - A - Side Youth Footbal Competition
  • The Annual Boxing Event at Mercure Dunkenhalgh
  • Support for other community events

Pride of Accrington Lions 2014

Do you know a child/youth up to the age of 18 who has made you feel proud to know them? Do they live, attend school or college or belong to a group in the Hyndburn area? Would you like to acknowledge their achievement? Why not enter them for a Pride of Accrington Lions Youth Award and let the community of Hyndburn celebrate with you?

There are two age categories - 'Under 10 Years Old' and '11 to 18 Years Old'.

Young Carer: cares for an infirmed family member on a regular basis?
Environment: promotes recycling or other environmental projects?
Disaster Relief/Public Health: has raised funds or awareness?
Community Improvement: has campaigned for improvement within their local community?
Bravery: faced an ordeal of their own or responded to the needs of others?
Caring for Others: has made a difference to the life of a child, elderly person or other vulnerable member of the community?

Download an application form or flyer! home



Lions strive to serve their community and make it a better place. We do this by putting in place projects improving quality of life locally and internationally.

For example, SightFirst provides critical eyecare, while WaterAid looks to beat poverty, both worldwide. You may have noticed spectacle bins at local opticians, which we recycle.

On a more local basis, we run a 'Message In A Bottle' scheme, which enables vulnerable people to feel safe in their homes. Stickers at key points in the home inform emergency services that such critical medical and contact information can be found in a bottle in the persons fridge.

What we do

  • SightFirst
  • WaterAid
  • Spectacle Bins
  • Youth Outreach
  • International Youth Exchange
  • Message In A Bottle
  • MedicAlert
  • HARV
  • Christmas Toy Appeal

Contact Us

Mailing Address
C/O Sparth House Hotel
Whalley Rd
Phone: 0845 833 7386 | Email: secretary@accringtonlions.org.uk